quotel This was our fourth year in exhibiting and sponsoring and executing the emergency cleanup crew duties. We highly appreciate the privilege to serve and participate in this event. The amazing pet expo staff are a joy to work with. quoter
Charlotte Poop 911

quotel We really enjoyed the opportunity that Amazing Pet Expos provided. Thank you. quoter
Best Bully Sticks

quotel The Charlotte Pet Expo was a wonderful experience. Every one was friendly and all the pets were loved on! quoter

quotel Great crowd – lots of dogs in attendance. Friendly, interested crowd. Set up and communication was very well done, and the Pet Expo staff was very helpful. quoter
Dog-Guard Charlotte

quotel I loved seeing the pets, owners, and the venue was great! Would come back again! quoter
Enagic Kangen Water

quotel From the first email about this expo, I really enjoyed all the emails and option to pick our spot. Good communication with Amazing Pet Expo and I was not confused or uneducated as to where to go/park/set up at. Also on Facebook there was great advertisement about this event. quoter
Best Friends Pet Care

quotel Overall a great event, plenty of good helpers and all were very nice. Temp was good, booths were nice and spacious. quoter
Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehab

quotel Amazing Pet Expos Charlotte was a wonderful experience. Offering a great opportunity to meet/greet & get to know other local and regional pet lovers alike. quoter
The Dog Salon

quotelI thought everyone was very nice and there was plenty of space in my booth. quoter
Vacation Village Resorts

quotel Staff was awesome, great event! quoter
Omni Wellness Center

quotel DHB loved the event and all the exposure it brought us as a NEW business. See you next year! quoter
Dog Haus Bakery

quotel The was our first expo and I must say that it was a success for Posh Pet Box. quoter
Posh Pet Box

quotel This was our first expo and we were not disappointed! We had a great time and met a lot of great people! quoter
Monroe Rd. Animal Hospital

quotel The show allowed us to reconnect with former customers and meet potential new ones! Thanks so much Pet Expos! quoter
Humane Society of Charlotte

quotel The Charlotte Pet Expo is an amazing opportunity to spread the word about our business or just to come and enjoy animals. We loved it! quoter
Heavenly Paws Grooming

quotel Amazing Pet Expo provides exhibitors with outstanding customer service. They also do an excellent job promoting events and driving large crowds to the venue. I would definitely recommend their expos for businesses looking to attract people who are passionate about their pets. quoter
Sensibly Chic Designs for Life

quotel Overall I think Amazing Pet Expos had a very good show. I was pleased to be here. Thank you for such a wonderful spot. quoter
A Farm ID Tag

quotel What a great opportunity! We were able to reach a whole new group of pets lovers to find fosters, volunteers and potential adopters. quoter
Rottweiler Hearts Rescue

quotel Staff was great. Variety of booths was great as well. quoter
Darby Acres Farm

quotel A lot more customers than the last few years. quoter

quotel More traffic, better organization, always helpful staff for Amazing Pet Expos. quoter
SNIP Regional Spay & Neuter Clinic

quotel It was a great turnout! quoter
Nana's Pet Sitting

quotel We were able to get two cats and kittens adopted. And raise a lot of money to help more cats and kittens in the future. quoter
Paws & Claws Feline Rescue

quotel We had great traffic. This was a good show to exhibit retail items! quoter
Dog is Good

quotel We did very well! Great opportunity to talk to potential customers about our product, business partnerships, and sell, sell, sell! quoter
Complete Canine Companion

quotel Easy and straight forward. Helpful staff. quoter
Carolina Care Bullies

quotel Exceeded our expectations! Very well put together! quoter
Canine PTSD Awareness Organization

quotel It was a great experience, made contact with some important industry people. quoter
Build a Better Dog

quotel Staff was great! Crowd was great too! quoter
Bullies 2 the Rescue

quotel Good turnout, variety of people, availability of food on site very good. Good and ample parking. Free entry – excellent! quoter
Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven

quotel FURR thoroughly enjoyed the event and made a lot of connections with other rescue groups and vendors! The volunteer staff was wonderful and always close by to help. The program was entertaining and everyone had a really good time! Even the kitties managed to smile a few times despite all the excitement going on! Thank you Pet Expo for this great opportunity. See you next year! quoter
Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehab

quotel Very good, staff great, comfortable, and clean. quoter
HELP Bring My Dad Home

quotel Our experience was very good. quoter
Parolees Treat Company

quotel The best event we’ve ever attended! quoter
Piedmont Kennel Club

quotel The customer service was great! quoter
Ruff Life Animal Rescue

quotel Pet Expo is as a great opportunity to serve our community, to educate people about the importance of spay/neuter and get together with other likeminded pet – lovers. Making pet health services affordable to pet owners is what SNIP is all about! quoter

quotel I enjoyed the show very much and feel that the attendees appreciate the uniqueness and practicality of what I had to offer. I would like to do more of them! quoter
Sensibly Chic Designs for Life

quotel I am very happy with my experience today and I am looking forward to seeing results/increased business! quoter
Fetch a Sketch

quotel Great opportunity to meet people. quoter
Furever Angels Animal Rescue

quotel Overall my experience was good. quoter
Pets Reconnected

quotel Good experience. quoter
Nancy Kaiser Animal Communicator

quotel It was a good experience. Thank you! quoter
South Hill Designs

quotel It was nice and friendly. Very positive group of customers and great feedback on future product ideas. Flow of customers was non-stop. Other vendors were supportive of each other’s products. GREAT SHOW! quoter
Henry and Charles

quotel Had a great time. Hope to come back next year. Best turnout we have had at a pet show. Staff was very friendly. We had a wonderful time and would love to come back! quoter
Lake Normal Herpetological Society

quotel It was good. For being my very first expo the experience was good all in all. quoter
Barks, Bones, and Biscuits Bakery

quotel Excellent – lots of lookers. Good contacts. quoter
Dalmatian Rescue of SW VA

quotel We, Charlotte Poop 911, look forward to this event each year for the exposure and interaction with local patrons, of whom some become clients for our business. The event itself is well coordinated and managed by the Amazing Pet Expos staff! A hearty kudos to their efforts. quoter
Charlotte Poop 911

quotel Great show! Can’t wait until the next one! quoter
Holistic Blend

quotel Pet Expo provided us with a great introduction for our Yard Dog Products. The venue was very nice with a lot of support staff. quoter
Yard Dog Gifts

quotel Very good service, very good crowd quoter
Killingsworth Environmental

quotel Scan My Pet Please! had a great response from our booth at the Charlotte Pet Expo. We were able to help lots of pets get tagged and support many rescues and humane societies. We were pleased with the placement and layout of the expo and the amount of visitor to the event. We will definitely be back! quoter
Scan My Pet Pls!

quotel First time business owner. I learned if my product would sell or not. The overall review was great. I will be doing it again next year! quoter
Henry and Charles, LLC

quotel The Pet Expo was an excellent way to connect with other animal welfare advocates. The vendors had high quality supplies and all staff members were helpful and friendly! <3 Charlotte Pet Expo!! quoter
SPCA of the Triad

quotel We enjoyed being here and had a few people interested in our rehab quoter
Steele Creek Animal Hospital

quotel Very good, as expected quoter
Coalition to Unchain Dogs

quotel There was a constant stream of people quoter
Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven

quotel Wonderful first-time experience quoter
Metrolina Chaplain Ministry for Pets

quotel It was great. Wonderful people. quoter
Carolina Care Bullies

quotel The show was well-organized with many opportunities to educate the public on my service. I have several leads that are likely to convert to new business. I look forward to participating next year. quoter
Comfort at Home Pet Hospice & Euthanasia

quotel We loved that Shorty is presenting at the expos. We think having a big name at the expos brings more interest and also helps to educate the general public. Also having the stage with information about shelters, rescues are wonderful. quoter
New England Lab Rescue

quotel A great event with a good crowd! Hands down the most professional and courteous expo staff I’ve ever worked with! quoter
Dog Living Magazine

quotel Very good response from show goers. Good crowd. quoter
The Balanced Body Center

quotel I enjoyed the experience. The staff was great. quoter
Yappy Hour Bakery

quotel Very good experience. quoter
Ironstone Lane Rescue

quotel Kittie Dog Pet Photography had a great time participating in the 2012 Charlotte Pet Expo. The Amazing Pet Expos staff was amazing. We know the business exposure we had today will benefit us in the future. quoter
Kittie Dog Pet Photography

quotel Our location at the expo sure helped with foot traffic this year. Everyone was very friendly and helpful without question. Very successful. quoter
Recycled Pets, Inc.

quotel Pet Expo was a great opportunity. It generated many leads and opportunities. Definitely a great experience! quoter
Walter Stanford Creative

quotel It was a very good experience. quoter
You Wiseup!

quotel Really like the large aisles, staff was friendly and helpful. quoter
Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

quotel My first show- we’d do it again in a heartbeat quoter
GW Consulting/LegalShield

quotel Overall attending and attendance was to our benefit quoter
Humane Society of Iredell

quotel The staff at Amazing Pet Expos was very friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to answer all my questions and got me the physical address so I could program my G.P.S. quoter
From the Heart of the Penguins

quotel We got exceptional feedback from our products at this show! Made some good contacts for future sales as well as some potential distributors for our products! The crowd was steady busy for the full 8 hours, and we will definitely consider being back next year, or doing these expos in additional cities! Thank you for a great show! quoter
Pet Stick (RPI of Atlanta)

quotel Overall very well run, great attendance, nice facility quoter
"Fido, Sit!"

quotel Excellent venue. Roomy space. quoter
Full Moon Farm

quotel The Princess Buttercup Foundation enjoyed this event very much! The staff is amazingly friendly and happy-spirited. The crowd was just as enthusiastic too! There was a great selection of exhibits and entertainment. quoter
The Princess Buttercup Foundation

quotel Great location for our purposes. We’re looking forward to seeing how our responses are from new contacts ( : Thank you quoter
Camp Bow Wow

quotel This was my second year to exhibit and provide service at Charlotte Pet Expo. I believe that the exposure at this major pet event has served the growth of my business in the last year and anticipate many benefits this coming year. Looking forward to next year! quoter
Charlotte Poop 911

quotel Activity schedule was well put together and seemed to be appreciated and well attended. quoter
Humane Society of Charlotte

quotel Very busy, and a good selection of demographic for us. quoter
AKC Canine Partners

quotel Had a lot of fun and enjoyed the great staff other exhibitors, an excellent event full of fun. quoter
Nurtured Pets

quotel Better than expected. quoter
DeTech Inc

quotel It was great the staff was very helpful and the venue was excellent. Participating in this event was a pleasure and I would recommend that any pet lover attend even if you don’t have a dog or cat, its just a great environmental and a good way to spend a weekend. I will definatly be coming back next year. quoter
The Dog Wizard

quotel Excellent! quoter
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue

quotel Very helpful staff and was very fun and relaxing. I was apprehensive in doing the show since it cost ( ½ booth) but the experience was fun, relaxed and the opportunity was wonderful. quoter
Humane Society of York County

quotel Very nice accommodations quoter
K9 Playland

quotel Great facility, well organized & helpful staff – variety of vendors. quoter
Nana’s Pet First Aid & CPR

quotelEveryone in red was very helpful and the water at the booths we nice. quoter
Bichon Frise Club of America Charitable Trust

quotel Excellent- great job! quoter
Canine Caviar

quotel This years show had great foot traffic – Due to the wonderful advertisement. Staff was extremely helpful & friendly, we had a wonderful day – great staff and visitors. The location was perfect and the facility was clean and organized. Wonderful this year we will be back next year, we already made reservations, Thank you for the invite back! quoter
Recycled Pets

quotel Based on the traffic to our booth and response from attendees, if this event does not put me “over the top” in business, I’ll be shocked! All the aspects of the event including venue, indoors, pet friendly, and coordinating staff made this one of the most enjoyable in which I have participated. Providing 911 accident responses for the event was an honor and a privilege. quoter
Charlotte Poop 911

quotel Was very good and great response to my product. I’m excited for the interest in my product. quoter

quotel Overall, good experience and no problems. quoter
Dog is Good

quotel Great attendance! quoter
Subaru of America

quotel This was my 1st expo as an exhibitor, and I loved it! quoter
“Fido, Sit!”

quotel Very good time this year for the show! Loved the location & will return – always helps our business by educating the public. quoter

quotel Lots of good exposure, lots of great contacts the location was great and looking forward to next year! quoter
Humane Society of Concord

quotel It was a amazing day. Everything was excellent from Friday set up to closing. quoter
Charlotte Veterinary Emergency & Trauma Services

quotel Very good experience, staff friendly & helpful loved our location. quoter

quotel Charlotte Pet Expo has an incredible staff, super helpful and do a great job running the show. quoter
Epic Dog Clothing

quotel The show had lots of traffic and we had a great success! quoter
PooBoss K9 Utility Vest

quotel We enjoyed having our booth at the show. quoter
Kelly’s K9 Kuts

quotel We have nothing but good things to say about the event it gave us an excellent opportunity to target a large group of people at once. quoter
Grey Muzzle Organization

quotel It was fun! quoter
Dr Sage DVM

quotel It was a great show this year, had a lot of fun. Met a lot of possible clients, hope to come back next year. quoter
Banfield Pet Hospital

quotel The event was very well organized and professionally handled from start to finish. quoter
Southern Paws & Tails Magazine

quotel This was my first trade show. I was vey pleased with the amount of exhibitors and attendees. We had a awesome time at the Charlotte Pet Expo! We met many new vendors with awesome products! The amount of attendees, both two-legged and four-legged was wonderful! We met plenty of potential clients for our groom shop! We loved Charlotte Pet Expo! quoter
Animal Artistry Grooming

quotel Great Facility, well organized and helpful staff – variety of vendors! quoter
NANA’S Pet Sitting

quotel The networking with other pet-related businesses was great. Having pets present was very entertaining. Overall, the experience was very good. quoter
Peaceful Pets Funeral & Cremation Services

quotel We really had a very positive event.  It's amazing to see how many people have no idea that animal cruelty laws are so minor in North Carolina.  We probably went through about 2,000 fliers, so I deem that a huge success!  Your event was truly great too.  It was so open and comfortable and really offered a great flow of people.  It was great! quoter
Sarah - Susie's Law

quotel The Charlotte Pet Expo was a great event with many qualified prospects coming to our booth!  We were able to sell our Petflects Pet Safety Product and I have many new prospects to contact about our pet sitting solutions.   I attend a few shows a year and this ranks at the very top!  I can’t believe its only the shows first year in Charlotte.  The staff was great and the event went off like clockwork from my point of view.  Thanks again and see you next year! quoter
Tom – Royal Pet Sitting Corp.

quotel Very relaxed, met lots of neat people and exhibitors! quoter
Dr. Natasha Jaskiewicz -The Animal Chiro

quotel We really enjoyed the show. There was a great turnout of people and dogs. quoter
Kristy Thompson -Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

quotel Good booth location and great traffic flow! quoter
Shelly & Glen Shankleton -Paws & Perms Pet Salon,LLC

quotel We had a great time, made wonderful contacts, good public exposure. quoter
Patsy Beeker-Cabarrus Cares/ Kitty City

quotel Expo was roomy and busy! quoter
Candace Honeycutt-Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

quotel It was a good experience, large turnout, good tables and chairs, very organized. quoter
Lisa Busko DVM-Veterinary Acupunture & Alternative Therapies

quotel Had huge success at the Charlotte Pet Expo! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! quoter
The Raleigh Hound

quotel To everyone who visited our booth at the Charlotte Pet Expo. We raised over $1200. Fun day! As a result of the show, Kelly, the little Pom was adopted and Adrianne has a serious family of interest. quoter
Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County Thanks

quotel We had a great time at the Charlotte Pet Expo today. quoter
Dogtopia of Charlotte

quotel All staff members were extreamly friendly and helpful, the exposure for the rescue was great! quoter
ARRF-Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue

quotel The Expo setup was great. There was a good crowd that afforded us lots of opportunities to meet prospective clients and demonstrate our products and services. We look forward to next year. quoter
Jason Purgason-Highland Canine Training, LLC

quotel I felt the quality of the event was great! quoter
Krystal Drake- Dog Training In Your Home

quotel We all feel the exposure is excellent and your staff went way above for accomidating our needs. quoter
FerretGuardian Rescue Haven



"My favorite part is seeing all the different breeds of dogs!"

"We loved the 2 guys drawing the dogs!"

"Had a blast!! Everything was fun especially the dogs with their hair done in wild colors !! Awesome!!!"

"We loved Zoom Room Agility! It was all great!"

"Yes I loved being able to take my auto bear which is a Rottweiler. No one was scared of him. He's a big baby anyway."

"Loved the agility and loved all the booths and dogs! On the way out I got my dog a matching collar and leash set for $8 both my pups loved it!!!"

"I loved it! I loved the talent contest, it was super fun to compete in!"

"Liked the guys at the State Farm booth drawing dog caricatures. I was so bummed that I missed Jake from The Fort- FortitudineVincimus Rescue Center"

"We loved Darby Acre Farms"

"I loved helping out with the zoom room demonstrations! I met lots of great people and had fun working with all of the dogs. I also liked the pet drawings at the state farm booth."

"The pet drawings at the State Farm booth were amazing. Also really liked the bag of toys Petsmart gave out."

"I enjoyed talking with the folks at Rottweiler hearts rescue had a blast. Thanks for putting this together for all of us animal lovers to come together every year"

"Rottweiler Hearts Rescue loved meeting everyone, especially all the rotties moms & dads, like Derek, who stopped by our booth. We've already confirmed that we'll be there next year too!"

"The Rotties were such sweethearts!"

"I had a blast and I know my little "Chichi" did too!!Socializing and freebies were the best! We can't wait for another one!"

"I loved the Ferrets!"

"I loved the new location and the State Farm booth"

"Definitely the ferrets!"

"First time coming to the pet expo in charlotte nc, I came with my family well all had a great time,left with a lot of freebies,will be back next time with our pups but they will be growing up fast,can't wait and thanks again to all the vendors."

"Everything was great! Love that so many adoptions were there! I have a full house now but it was great to love on all those sweet babies!"

"It should was great. I loved all the dogs. Also the rescues. I tried to give money to all of them."

"I love it all and the dogs and dogs owners"

"Otis and I had a great time meeting a bunch of people and pets. Otis was very tired and very full from all the treats people gave him."

"I enjoyed seeing all the dog lovers that came out. All the people I talked to was very helpful and informative."

"My favorite part of the expo was the love for the animals you could just feel it in the building"

"Loved seeing all the doggies. I think I pet almost every rescues' babies. Soul Frogs - the guy with the croaking wooden frogs!"

"Oh where to start, so many great causes and good times........found three babies I want!!!!! People, Bisco"

"Yes.........really: everything. We had alot of fun"

"Thank you for inviting us and all the other wonderful rescue organizations! We felt privileged to be part of such an awesome event!"

"We had a great time. The agility area was great for dogs to be able to try. Great shows on the stage. Thank you for a wonderful exposition!!!"

"Doheny We enjoyed the agility course (our shy poodle's first time trying such a thing!), the low-cost micro-chipping, and all the vendors (information & shopping) the most! My daughter and I have attended the pet expo for the past 3 years and look forward to keeping up the tradition in the future!"

"This was our first time and I was a little worried how Amy would react. Last time she was around other dogs at the dog park, she got scared because there were some overly aggressive dogs there and some under aggressive owners who didn't do anything about it, so we just left. But today, she was great and her tail was wagging the whole time, and it was all because the other pets (and owners) were so awesome!!! I could not believe how well behaved all the pets were. We will definitely be back next year. Thank you!!!!!"

"We were SO BLESSED @ SNIP (Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic) to be invited to do WHAT we DO! Offer people low-cost general wellness services (vaccines, HW tests & preventative & microchipping) & to see & meet all the pet-lovers there! We are looking forward to joining you AGAIN next year! Was a WONDERFUL DAY! Thanks for having us!!"

"Had a GREAT time!!! Loved meeting all the pups and ferrets!!!"

"Had a blast! Next year, can you set up differently? It was really difficult to get through some aisles with people shopping at the booths on either side. I do love the alleyways around the outside though!"

"We really enjoyed the Expo. Macadoo, my rescued Gt. Pyrenees was excited to see so many cousins there. More activities for the kids would be good."

"We had a great time!"

"Thank you for another great event! We thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"This was so much fun. We haven't stopped talking about it and cannot wait for next year."

"Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the Expo; we had a grrrreat time meeting new pups and their people! There are a few shots on our FB page if you'd like to share with your followers! Until next year, Woof!"

"It's a special day, so Piglet wore her fancy Bully Mart collar to the Charlotte Pet Expo today!"

"We had a great time and so did our puppy Amy!!!"

"Bella's excited for Mommy/Daughter day at the Pet Expo!!!"

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