quotelLots of good traffic, we were very busy and adopted out 4 cats (and potentially more). We also did lots of educating and networking.quoter
Paradox Cat Rescue – Paula Rettaliata

quotelIt was a very good show.quoter
Invisible Fence Brand – Anne and Jeff

quotelThe event was great and the location was perfect.quoter
Pet Angel – John Pyle

quotelThe event was great! We plan to attend next year, as always.quoter
Operation Education Animal Rescue – Tiffany Galyon

quotelWell organized, professional group of folks to work with. Awesome venue, great attendance and visibility for our rescue dogs!quoter
Middle Tennessee Treasures – Jen Garen

quotelFun, upbeat event!quoter
Pawsitively Natural Pets – Sara Jakubowski

quotelWe had a successful experience!quoter
Soft Pull – Frank Mucerino

quotelThe staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The facility was clean and easy to navigate. I enjoyed being a guest speaker.quoter
The Travelin’ Rat – Danielle S.

quotelThe event was great!quoter
Last Chance Pet Rescue – Jackie Hale

quotelThe Pet Expo was an excellent networking gathering for animal lovers and rescue. Organizations to connect and share information.quoter
Dogs on Deployment – Nancy Walker

quotelOverall good experience.quoter
House of Pawz – Antoine Dandridge

quotelWe had a very positive experience.quoter
National Pyr Rescue – Michelle Stout

quotelThe Pet Expo team is exceptional! We love knowing how great the show will be from start to finish.quoter
Pinups for Pitbulls – Derdre Franklin

quotelI highly recommend the Amazing Pet Expos for animal related businesses who want to get in front of true animal lovers. The audience is large and fully engaged.quoter
Sensibly Chic Designs for Life – Barbara Green

quotelIt was a very good show and we met lots of potential clients. This was also our first experience.quoter
K&C Fence Company – Kevin Hunt

quotelThe event was very good, the set-up was amazing and there was a lot of foot traffic even way in the back.quoter
The O’Fallon Antler Company – James Pridmore

quotelIt was absolutely wonderful and we can’t wait to be back next year.quoter
Music City Animal Rescue – Vickie

quotelWonderful customer service and wonderful event!quoter
Habitat for Paws – Betsy Jones

quotel Everything about the Nashville Pet Expo was amazing! quoter
Noah's Ark Society

quotel Great Crowds. Great Experience quoter
Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue

quotel The Nashville Pet Expo was a very successful experience for us. There were lots of people with pets! quoter
Lambert Vet Supply

quotel The show had lots of great vendors. I liked that you had employees come around to check on the vendors. quoter
Animal Ministry Unity of Nashville

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is a great experience for pet owners everywhere! The attention to detail makes everyone feel special and the pets are the ones that benefit greatly! quoter
Best Bully Sticks

quotel The staff was very helpful & the event was very well organized! quoter
The Darling Dog Portrait Co.

quotel This is a great family event for family and their pets. We will be back next year! quoter
For Tails Only

quotel We were very satisfied with the outcome of this event. quoter
Rags to Riches Rescue

quotel We loved that the show is indoors. The advertising was also great! quoter
Spoil Me S'mo

quotel Amazing Pet Expos has a great staff and the Nashville Pet Expo was at a great location. quoter
Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter

quotel Last year was our 1st year and it was great, so we decided to come back and it was even better this year! We are coming back! quoter
All American Dachshund Rescue

quotel Great event, lots of interested buyer and pet owners. Excellent service by Amazing Pet Expos. quoter
Swift Paws

quotel The event this year was great! quoter
Horse Creek Wildfire

quotel The event was great, thank you! quoter
The Elephant Sanctuary in TN

quotel Great People! Great Time! We always have fun! quoter
Companion Pet Rescue of Middle TN

quotel I thought the overall experience of the show was great. Very good crowd. quoter
Miss Kitty's Bed & Bath

quotel A great family, pet oriented, enjoyable expo! quoter
Dogs on Deployment

quotel A great experience with worthwhile contacts made. Very enjoyable. quoter
Carrol Co. Humane Society

quotel Wonderful crowd, great service. Thank you! quoter
Operation Education Animal Rescue

quotel The Pet Expo is by far the largest event of its kind in Nashville. Pet Expo provides MTGRR with an unparalleled opportunity to raise awareness about the availability of wonderful, yet homeless goldens that are available for adoption. quoter
Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue

quotel It was overall a fun time quoter

quotel Everything went well! quoter
Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary


"The lure chasing was the most entertaining! It was fun seeing all of the different breeds and mixed breeds of dogs, also."

"Lure chasing was very entertaining. Love buying shirts, etc from rescues I follow."

"Loved the lure cursing! My Staffy and American Bulldog are in love with it!"

"Enjoyed seeing all the dogs!"

"All the dogs..... Especially the big St. Bernard!!"

"There were alot of people, and alot of pet's walking all around. everybody got along real good, Debiegrose and i had a real good time. We met alot of rescue groups plus just good people there.we want to go again next year."

"There was so much to see and so many animals to interact with. But the one thing that made the most impact for me, was the black female lab mixthat wore a bandana that said "I was a bait dog, and I survived." She was covered in bald patches where she had wounds that had been stiched up. She had the sweetest disposition too. Hopefully a real eye opener for anyone who saw her. She made quite an impression on me."

"My favorite was Pinups for Pitbulls, AND Dogs On Deployment"

"We just love ANY pet friendly event in our area! Our English Bulldog, Bucho, LOVES to get out and mingle! He also doesn't mind being treated like a little doggy celebrity!"

"Well Animalia HealthandWellness of course!!!! What a no brainer"

"I loved all of the different dogs and cats, and getting to meet so many of the little ones we see on our favorite rescue groups' Facebook pages. It was a wonderful event."

"The free nail clips. Also found the lure chasing very entertaining, seeing all the interesting dog breeds and all the great fund raising and rescues. Wish this event was at least twice a year."

"The friendliness of all staff, vendors and other participants. Drinking stations with chairs to sit and take a break."

"Yes My granddaughter and I went and had a great time looking at all the vendor booths and all the pets Great time"

"I loved EVERYTHING and we were so honored to be the official photographers this year!!"

"I loved seeing all of the animals for adoption and the Pitts ♡♡♡ I wish we could have brought them all home"

"Loved seeing all of the animals and the people who love them. Thanks to all of the wonderful rescue organizations who do such great work. Hope they all benefited from the day."

"I loved the lure chasing and getting to meet so many good people"

"I enjoyed all the pups, but I loved the dachshund rescue."

"Too many to pick! Had an awesome time meeting other parents of furr children"

"Lure Course for sure!!! We had to let my dachshund run it more than once because she was so excited she was screaming/whining at the other dogs doing it."

"Ruby loved getting a tutu of her very own from Snooty Giggles. We also loved meeting the pups from Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN"

'"Lots of adorable babies. I hope many got adopted/fostered."

"I loved everything about it. Had a wonderfull time."

"Loved it all, meeting the different rescues, the vendors and all the cute things they had. Well worth the time to go and see it all."

"Had an awesome time! Loved seeing all the pets! Hope we can make it again next year!"

"Loved it all.... Thanks for having a lot of pittie resources... My girl Sophia couldn't make it but her brother did... Check out his temporary tattoo!!! We will be back next year !!!!"

We loved it! 

QUINCY had a wonderful time !! He met soooo many new, loving friends. Thank you all for loving on Quincy ! He made alot of people smile !!

"me and my husband and bella loved everything"

"This was my first Pet expo, everyone was amazing and kind. Megin and I had a great day, and plan on coming next year."

"Glasscages, attended The Nashville Pet Expo as a vendor and man did we have an awesome time checking out all the amazing exhibits, vendors, attendees and of course all the pets We also adopted a kitten while we were there... couldn't help ourselves he was just so sweet and cute! We would love for everyone to come check out our Facebook pages Glasscages and Mandalay Fish (formerly Glasscages Aquatics) and also our websites and see what kind of fish you love and share us with all your friends!!! We will most definitely be attending next year and looking forward to seeing you all there!"

“We had such a wonderful day there! Loved every bit of it! Especially meeting all the wonderful dogs! Can't wait until next year!”

“I liked everything!!! The mobile vet was very helpful too!”

“We loved it. Hope to adopt a pug.”

“We hope to adopt a female boxer from Southern Magnolia Boxer Rescue.” 

“Enjoyed just walking around and seeing all the different kind of dogs.”

“Had a great time! This was Thor's first big outing and he loved it! Can't wait till next year.”

“I liked the lure chase. There were a lot of dogs I wish I could of adopted”

“My first time to go. I loved it all!”

“I saw several special needs children petting dogs. They were so sweet and never petted a dog before asking. It made my heart happy!”

“We loved seeing all of the local rescues and the different products. We did more shopping than we thought we would!”

“Had a great time. It was my first time going. Loved seeing all the different dogs , cats, and reptiles. My family loved it. We will be back for suregrin emoticon” 

“Loved all of it!!”

“My husband & I went with our 2 Goldens! All 4 enjoyed it all!”

“Loved it. Favorites...Southern Magnolia Boxer Rescue, Goofy Foot and Snooty Giggles.”

“Me and my husband came, & loved everything about the expo but the one thing we loved the most is the free nail trim, there was a very nice women who had this awesome ointment that can help with pain.” 

“This was our first time and we loved it. We got lots of goodies for our pets.
I was happy to see that it was an all rescue/adopt event, no breeders. Hopefully a lot of deserving animals found loving homes today.”

“It was a great time - first time and NY transplant. The free nail trim was great - met two great guys with House of Pawz and got Fudge a nifty shirt for the fall.”

“It was our first time. I loved meeting people from the rescues that we follow on Facebook. Nashville Pittie, Snooty Giggles, Noah's Ark and Operation Education were my favorites. Such great people. I hope some very deserving dogs and cats found some homes today!”

“I had so much fun! Last year I came in 5th during musical chairs and this year I got 3rd! I will conquer 1st place next year!”

“Had a blast. Loved watching the lure chasing, too funny.”

“I am on the board of Middle Tennessee Treasures. We all had a great time. It was our first time to attend as a rescue group. Our dogs got lots of attention! Some received 2 and 3 applications. We signed up for next year!!!!”

“Had a great time and loved it all! My Molly has all kinds of goodies and samples.”

“The lure chase was fun, hoping many dogs got rescued, free stuff and just many nice people with their dogs having fun. Lots of great people AND dogs!”

“I loved it! Took my three weiners and Beatle/basset mix. We had a blast at the lure chase. I think we may have found a new pass time with that. Lol got treats and a new harness. Love it! I wish it lasted a little bit longer, but I understand it is growing.”

“We made a family reunion out of it today and everyone loved it especially my grandkids. Love the dog chase thing my granddaughters brought their dog and he loved it and we loved watching him. I enjoyed all the information I got from the mobile clinic too. We went last year and plan to go next year too. Thanks”

“We absolutely loved it! Had sooo much fun!”

“Had a great time petting all the doggies and kitties I could! Was great to love on Munzie at the Snooty Giggles booth!”

“We had a blast! Our fav was meeting & the kids snuggles with Marshmellow at the Pyronese Rescue booth! We really wanted to adopt! & the kids are still talking about it today! Our 3lb Yorkie was wore out from his first big adventure.”

“I had a great time. I never take my dogs, but take home lots of free treats for them. I'm not so keen on the homemade treats for sale, but glad most vendors give out freebies. Donated to a couple rescues and was glad to see them there doing great work to help animals.”

“Fantastic event. I was not well, so good thing the AC was working good. It was great to see the volunteers and rescues. They are my heart, completely grassroots and doing what they say they do to help save dogs and cats. I hope so many animals got furrever homes. If only this kind of event happened more often in every county, perhaps micro events? If you decide to have such things, please keep me posted Rutherford County could always use some help for its wayward animals. THANK YOU !!!”

“Clover Patch and Angel Maggie's Sanctuaries!!! Love love love the bunnies and guinea pigs”

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