quotel Very well put together. It was great to see so many interested people attend. Good entertainment. quoter
 Groovy Paws Rescue

quotel Full Speed Ahead had a great experience at the first Pet Expo for our city. The crowds for our demos were fantastic and the exposure for our team and sport has been beyond our expectations. The organization of the event and courtesy of the staff made this a great experience. quoter
Full Speed Ahead Flyball Team

quotel  We love attending all the shows we can. This helps us spread the word for senior and special needs dogs. quoter
Bark N Rest Retirement Center

quotel The expo staff was very friendly and responded to any questions we had before and during the expo. We enjoyed being a part of the expo, both as an exhibitor and a service provider. quoter
OKC Pet Waste

quotel We had a fantastic time! We produced more leads than anticipated. quoter
Renewal by Anderson

quotel Great turnout and we will be back next year. quoter
The Bella Foundation SPCA

quotel The event was awesome. The people were happy to discuss their pets with us. We are delighted to have been invited to share about preparing your pets and animals in the event of a disaster. quoter
 OK Strong

quotel Everything these folks claim in their ads and promises are 100% true. Super staff, great follow up to vendors and a fair booth price. quoter

quotel The Expo staff was amazing! quoter
K9 Coat Care

quotel Very good advertising. Customer service was amazing and by far my determining factor in considering to come again. Communication prior to the event was awesome and it was great to be able to call back with questions. quoter
Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue

quotel Exceeded my expectations! quoter
Canine Sports Academy

quotel Traffic was steady, great exposure and great crowd. I expect to hear from many of the visitors that came by! quoter
Pet Portraits by Kelly

quotel Letting people pet a reptile for the first time… priceless! quoter
Misty Eyed Reptiles

quotel OKC Pet Expo provided us with a great opportunity to get the word out about DoD. The people were helpful and friendly. Will definitely come again. quoter
Dogs on Deployment

quotel We were very pleased with this event and everything we could possibly want or need was provided. Very good experience. quoter
Pit Bull Rescue Oklahoma


"Best - seeing all the various dogs. As crowded and popular as it was, hopefully next year the largest of the state fair buildings can be used. Thanks for putting this on!

"Everyone was so nice and helpful. It was very well organized. We loved everything

"Fly all demo, great and informative vendors! Can't wait till next years!"

"We had a great time! We liked being able to see everyone with their dogs!! Our Emmy enjoyed meeting other dogs!"

"I loved it. The presentations were great. I think a bigger location next year may be needed. Such a great turnout."

"Had a great time!! Just too crowded. But the dog races was my favorite part."

"Great event, enjoyed seeing all the rescues. Also liked the opportunity to donate on the spot."

"Loved seeing all the rescues and also loved seeing all of the dogs that attended! Had a lot of fun talking with fellow collie/sheltie lovers!
Definitely needs a bigger building, though!"

"I loved all the dogs and the dogs show in the middle. Very crowded though. I would have liked more cat things too. Overall...I will be back!

"Love seeing all the vendors."

"Had an amazing time thank you opening it free to the public."

"Loved that it was soon popular .Maybe we can get some grooming competing going next year"

"I loved meeting fellow animal lovers and learning about new products that will make my pets lives better! I'll definitely attend next year!"

"It was so cool seeing so much dog’s .and other pets learning bout then."

"I loved it and my little D did too! I would love to attend again"

"The agility demonstration was great! Loved seeing everyone’s dogs!"

"I really loved the bark and rest booth. Those people do amazing things taking in all the senior dogs and the special needs dogs! God Bless them!!"

"Missed the kissing both. But I loved the dog races. I'm impressed by a physical therapy for dogs. That's great!"

"I loved having the opportunity to introduce people of all ages to a few reptiles. Hearing someone say "I've never petted a snake before" is priceless! Education ends fear."

"I loved the whole event!! Crowded but worth it!"

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