quotelOne word: Awesome!quoter
The Canine Resource Center / Pawtree

quotelWe were able to answer many helpful questions about low cost spay and neuter for cats and dogs in the Seattle area and other areas. Thank you! It was very beneficial to be there to reach out to folks.quoter
South County Cats / Spay Neuter Assistance

quotelGreat place to meet people and build our data base.quoter
Lucky Dog Pet Portraits

quotelLoved it. Great crowd.quoter
Nahanni Studios

quotelThis was our first time as a vendor at this show and wasn't sure what to expect. We had a great weekend and are excited to come back again.quoter
Canine Frosting

quotelLove the two days.quoter
Nature Paws

quotelWell organized, friendly people. We appreciated the dog clean up crew.quoter
Foresters Financial

quotelI have done 12 years of events as a pet food sales rep. This show was EXCELLENT! All positive – good attendance, smart and interested customers, great dogs and 2 skinks!quoter
Evangers Pet Food

quotelIt was great to have a venue where pet parents came in quantity.quoter
Kitsap Mobile Grooming

quotelIt was goodquoter
Compassion and Paws

quotelGreat opportunity for exposure!quoter
6 Dogrees

quotelGreat show! Staff is attentive and helpful.quoter
Illio Products

quotelThe event was fun and well attended. APE staff was friendly and helpful. We'll be back!quoter
Metro Dog

quotelI had a fun time -enjoyed chatting with the other vendors.quoter
The NOAH Center

quotelReally enjoy taking part in the Pet Expo for the first time. Everyone was very friendly and loved meeting all the animals. Great turn out and we made tons of contacts.quoter
Farmers Insurance

quotelWe were very pleased that everything was set up and ready for us when we arrived, there was also a lot of space and the venue was not clustered.quoter
- Family Dog Training Center – Theresa

quotelThe venue this year was much better than last year. We had a very successful event.quoter
- The Almost Home Project – Patty Kaija

quotelI loved talking to other dog parents and seeing all the dogs walk by my booth. Dog watching is much better than people watchingquoter
- Bark & Lunge – Kari Neumeyer

quotelWe had a very good experience this year and walked away with some very potential leads.quoter
- Spunky Dogs – Amy Wagner

quotelWe very much enjoyed the spacious layout of the packed event.quoter
- Royal Canin – George Goltsos

quotelThe expo was a great opportunity for us to network with other groups.quoter
- Community Cat Coalition – Kathleen Shaw

quotelGreat turn out this year, lots of great exhibitors in attendance.quoter
- Purrfect Pals – Kat Dockstader

quotelWe attended our first Amazing Pet Expo in 2015 and had a very positive experience. Great crowds, nice venue and a very well organized staff.quoter
- PupCakes, LLC – Sandra Rindero

quotelThank you for organizing this amazing event! We had a great time and were able to promote our hospital to a whole new segment of the population. We would love to come back next year.quoter
- Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine – Alicia McLaughlin

quotelThis was our very first show as a non-profit and we had a very good time. The attendance was great and the sales we had were very profitable.”quoter
- Barb’s Pet Project – Sheryl Sigafoos

quotelEasy set up and very friendly staff.”quoter
- Dogs on Deployment – Amy Evans

quotelI was thoroughly pleased with the turnout and production. Great show, I can’t wait to come backquoter
- Emerald City Pet Rescue – Brandon Miguelez

quotelWe had a crazy busy show. Lots of dogs and overall a very positive experience.quoter
- Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue – Tabatha Jensen

quotel I have been in experiential marketing for close to 7 years and have worked hundreds of events, festivals, fairs and expos. While there have been many individuals at different events that were easy to work with, I have never had an entire staff that all took pride in making the vendors life as easy as possible. Every single person associated with Amazing Expos greets you with a smile and always is there to help. They turn problems into solutions and do everything in their power to help. No problem or question is too big or small. They treat them all with the same conviction as if they were the vendor. It has been nothing but a treat to work with Amazing Expos. I have done 3 events with them thus far and after the first event it was like I was seeing an old friend again when we got to the others. I wish all organizers were half as easy to work with as Amazing Expos. Truly an amazing company and even more importantly and amazing group of people. quoter
Science Diet

quotel We had an excellent crowd at our booth all day. We are super grateful for the opportunity to educate on stage and in our booth. Thank you! quoter
Pin Ups for Pitbulls, Inc

quotel It was a great show and the staff was fabulous! quoter
Petco Animal Supplies, Inc

quotel This was a really nice time and we felt we had a great opportunity to expose our services and network with other businesses.Very good time, great staff, great location. Thanks! quoter
Metro Dog

quotel Support staff at corporate and onsite were fabulous! Friendly, well-organized and super helpful. This was our first expo and a scary proposition for our small business but everyone at Amazing Pet Expos made it much easier and more fun! Thank you for all of your hard work and effort! We anticipate a steep increase in business as a result of our participation in this show. quoter
Christine Hansen Memorial Art Glass

quotel  Great fun, good people. quoter
Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital

quotel Staff was very helpful, booth was set up on time. Information received beforte the show was relevant and accurate. The various speakers and activities were quite informative and things ran on time. quoter
JM Enterprises

quotel The attendees were cheerful and interested. quoter
Dog Jaunt

quotel We were pleasantly surprised at the number of attendees from the South Sound area. Great attendance with lots of potential clients.Great awareness event. quoter
Canyon Pet Lodge, Inc

quotel Excellent adoption opportunity! quoter
Smidget Rescue

quotel We had a reallyt good day, enjoyed the varied exhibits and entertainment. quoter
Motley Zoo

quotel  The pet expo had good foot traffic all day and lots of friendly dog owners to talk to. quoter
Seattle Dog Guard

quotel Sheila Rilenge was super helpful and patient! Loved the attendance of the show! quoter
Rachelle Erickson Photography

quotel Great staff, great attendance, great show. quoter
Blue Buffalo

quotel It was great to meet so many pet owners in one place! It was a very engaged crowd. Traffic flow was nice. quoter
MEOW Cat Rescue

quotel As a 501c3 non-profit, this event was an excellent opportunity to share the information regarding our organizations, as well as to network with key groups and individuals interested in supporting our efforts as well. quoter
Dogs on Deployment

quotel Thanks very much, your staff was great and tremendous turn out! quoter
Your Pet Advocate

quotel We had a great time at the show and got 5 dogs adopted. quoter
Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue

quotel  Overall successful turnout. Great location with open areas with grass. We had a good time at the show and look forward to Portland. quoter
Mud Bay

quotel It was a wonderful event. quoter
Grant County Animal Outreach


“I loved adopting my little Oscar!! Best part by a long shot!!!”

“I loved being around all the other people and furbabies. Trading stories, learning about new products. Elric loves all the tennis balls and treats I brought home. Thank you for a great day can't wait till next year already”

Amy LampmanConatser - “I loved looking at all the wonderful animals. I Took lots of pics!”s”

“We loved talking with rescues and promoting our dogs! Yay for Shorty Rossi and Pinups for Pit Bulls!!”

“I love getting all the samples and free toys for my kitty!!! So much information as well!”

“Got my puppy his shots for cheap!(:”

“So happy Wrex got to make new friends, be social, got his nails clipped and so much more! I loved it!”

“I loved seeing Action for Animals”

“I don't even know where to start...loved everything about the pet expo!! I will definitely come back every yr to see all the different booths & see all the furbabies too! Btw...loved the pitty kissing booth & loved meeting Shorty & Hercules!! Thank you for making my weekend extra awesome!”

Matthew Scott – “I loved seeing all of the wonderful rescue groups in attendance!”

Loved meeting Shorty and Hercules and seeing the City Dog Magazine Cover Search Contest. We also got a great doggie massage from Graceful Dog.”

“I liked the friendliness, organization, and mostly the opportunity to talk to so many different educated vendors. The event was very well out together and I was able to accomplish what I went for . Well done! Special thanks to Value Pet Clinic and Nutri Source.”

"It was all awesome! The kissing booth was great though. I was in heaven at this place, so... well done!"

“I'm a sucker for the Pitties, so the Kissing Booth was my favorite activity I'm happy that we have this event in Seattle now and am excited for 2015's Expo! Really nice mix of vendors this year. Lot's of fun and great info.”

“We loved the free nail trims!!!!!”

“I loved that everyone was so friendly, and there were SO many Pit Bulls!”

“I loved meeting Shorty, Hercules and the Pinups for Pit bulls. The information they shared about our 5th & 14th amendment and statisics on dog bites I believe was a mind changer for many people.”

“We loved doing trick, agility and disc demos as well as "how to greet a dog" and "reactive Rover!" The crowd was really positive and supportive and my dogs loved the energy. Thank you, Pet Expo!”

“We had a bunch of adoptions happen on Saturday, so many that we just didn't have time to get them posted, so get ready to see a lot of great happy ending stories today!!”

“We had so much fun! Thanks to all the vendors for providing samples.”

“Dear Expo !Tank you all for loving atmosphere and all the efforts. We came a bit late (3pm), but we enjoyed dogs, people and some of those joyful costumes, which made my day.”

“We had a great time at the Seattle Pet Expo!”

"Being rescued dogs themselves, Polar &Malina are pleased that so many pets were adopted today and that these adopted friends are comfy tonight with their new forever families just like Polar &Malina have been in their home! Excited about all the adoptions!”

“I loved the costume contest!” 

“Loved the free nail trims, the access to the adoptable animals, the free samples and the guys from Tanked. I love how much easier the event was to walk through.” 

“My favorite was the picture from Subaru. Definitely something I will treasure forever. I also loved seeing all the different dogs.” 

“My dogs and I loved it. I obtained lots of quality information and saw darling dogs up for adoption. I wish I could have taken each one home. Can’t wait for the next one, thanks!” 

“The woman with Reber Ranch who gave my Newfoundland a dremel trim of all his nails was super nice, as were all of the show workers and exhibitors.” 

“One of the booths we really enjoyed was Motley Zoo. The adoption group is doing a great job in getting the word out to support adoptable animals. They had really fun t-shirts that share their mission on animal support with a rock-n-roll theme.” 

“My favorite part were the puppy musical chairs! My dog was a part of it and did an amazing job.” 
– Sarah, Facebook

“Loved seeing all the different breeds of animals.” 

“We loved seeing all the amazing dogs and their dedicated owners come out to explore the vendors and non-profits who are working to make Seattle more pet friendly. We definitely will be hosting a booth again next year.” 

“The space was great Open, clean, the grass for dogs was brilliant! People running the events were very professional and it was fun to have things any dog could participate in chair contest.”

“It was so much better in this venue. Loved everything about it.” 

“We adopted a brand new dog!” 

“Very knowledgeable vendors and speakers.” 

“I loved that so many rescue organizations were there.” 

“I volunteered with Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and the crowds were great...they showed a lot of interest and received mass quantities of kitty, cat, puppy and doggy love! The samples donated were so generous and appreciated. The food court was really great, but agree that 5pm would be a better cutoff. The most amazing part - hanging with Wayde and Brett from TANKED!” 

“It was so much fun I'm so happy to be in such a dog friendly city. My husband and I just moved here and this event was perfect for finding new groomers, vets, and information on other dog friendly activities in Seattle.” 

“Loved seeing so many bully breeds in one place.” 

“The event was in a great location and the parking was easy to find.” 

“We had a great time! We parked close in a garage for only $7 or $8 for the day. Loved meeting the guys from Tanked. I even won one of the raffles. I loved seeing all the 'bully breeds' in one place, showing how awesome these breeds are. Such a great time. Thanks!”

“Loved the CityDog Magazine model search contest.” 

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