quotelGood experience, good venue.quoter

quotelEnjoyed the Event. Had a great time with the crowds and touched a lot off people with the quality of our affordable vaccine services. With out co-partnership with PetCo people, we were also able to find out about dog training and grooming!quoter

quotelSaw lots of patients and per-registered many others!quoter

quotelIt was good.quoter
Doodle Scoopers

quotelAlison did a great job with the show. Very professional. Demonstrated extreme leadership. Alison and crew were extremely awesome!quoter
Phoenix Marketing / Sundance

quotelA chance to meet Pet lovers of all kinds can only enhance your experience as a pet lover and allow the spread of your business and reputation. Expos have always been a positive experience for me and my Blue Paw Company.quoter
Blue Paw Pet Sitting, Shannon Morrow, Owner

quotel The staff/customer service were great. quoter
WearWoof, Inc.

quotel Great turnout, helpful staff, great setup. quoter
VIP Pet Care

quotel We enjoyed our time at the Expo. Attendees seemed to really enjoy themselves!  We had a great time watching all of the pets have a great time with their humans! quoter
Allegheny South Vet Services

quotel My experience was very pleasant. Staff made sure that everywhere was cleaned up. I absolutely loved it! As my first major tradeshow, I have to say it was the greatest experience I’ve had. Everything was just a piece of cake. quoter
Scrappy's Closet

quotel Positive, talked to a lot of potential clients. quoter
Jefferson Memorial Park

quotel Well run. Liked that dogs were screened before entering, and flex leashes no allowed. Overall an enjoyable day. Friendly people. Friendly animals. quoter
Therapy Dogs Inc.

quotel It was great! quoter
A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue

quotel Always a pleasure. quoter

quotel Was a very pleasant day! I think the Expo was a great way for our animal shelter to get more public exposure. We are a small shelter and in a rural area of West Moreland County, so more exposure to lots of people, which the Expo provided, was a very good experience. In fact, we ran out of business cards by the end of the day. quoter
The Pet Adoption League

quotel Good exposure for our hospital. quoter
Pittsburgh East Animal Hospital

quotel Very good. quoter
Southwest PA Retriever Rescue

quotel Good crowd. Loved location of our booth. quoter
Dog Watch of Greater Pittsburgh

quotel Great turnout, location, vendors, and service! quoter
Pittsburgh Pet Connections

quotel Pretty good overall. The marketing/sales department does a great job. Very good events, set up, and sponsorship at the expo. Crowd not as big as we expected. quoter
Rescue Roast/Raisemoneyforpets.com

quotel Steady attendance, high quality. quoter
Greenfield Grooming

quotel Great event! Really good crowd this year. quoter

quotel I had a great experience, thank you! quoter
Camp Bow Wow

quotel Great show! quoter
Monroeville Animal Shelter

quotel Good show. Great team that helped with set up and getting table together! quoter

quotel Very well organized. quoter

quotel It was a very enjoyable experience. It was very calm, easy going, and entertaining. quoter
Pet Protector Pittsburgh

quotel Very friendly attendees, good sales, good crowd. quoter
Pup Peeves LLC

quotel Very easy venue for meeting people interested in the well being of their pets. Truly amazing pet expo – with thousands of people yet plenty of room for all. Fun events, great time to meet, educate, create connections. The staff runs it so smoothly that it feels like a wonderful home! quoter
Animal Aromatherapy

quotel Eileen Proctors (Top Dog)webinars were extremely helpful. Even though we were here last year, her tips and advice were excellent. The staff is great and very accommodating. We had more success with donations last year, but that has a lot to do with the crowd. quoter
Butler County Humane Society

quotel It was excellent. No complaints. Everyone was helpful and people super friendly. quoter
Jelly Beans Rabbit Rescue and Adoptions

quotel Very good. quoter
The Platinum Pooch

quotel Great exposure. Pet Search loved being at the Steel City Pet Expo again! This is our second year and the crowds were great…everyone’s pets were very well behaved! quoter
Pet Search


"I loved meeting new rescue groups and learning about them! And the Wearwoof booth"

"All the new rescue groups we met!! It is so amazing how many there are and all the good that they do!"

"Every single vendor there was awesome. The pets there were so friendly and our son got many kisses from dogs."

"Loved that it was a free event that anyone could enjoy!"

'Being with many people who share the same love for their pets as I do for mine. Of course loved the many groups"

"really neat to see the pit with her litter of pups"

"Loved seeing so many dog lovers and the rescues"

"Everything, but especially the Metal Dogs booth!"

"Enjoyed the whole event! Thank you!"

"I loved that it was free and offered free rabies vaccinations since my husband is laid off from his job."

"I really enjoyed watching the demos. It was fun to see dogs of all shapes and sizes. I'm glad the rescues had a place to bring the homeless pets...I hope they all found good homes!"

"I enjoyed and and also got free rabies shot."

"Hello Bully gals were pretty great!"

"Awesome the event was free so more people would be encouraged to come and learn from the vendors. ALL Event staff were ready prepared to clean up any dog mess with a smile on their face. We saw them all over the place providing assistance to others."

"We attended the event last year and my daughter talked about it all year long, looking forward to this year. She told a friend and so I brought the both of them and then my daughter's friend called her mom while we were there so that she could bring her brother. The event is SO amazing for dog lovers, the kids love all animals but have a special affinity for dogs. There are SO many dogs there and the people are all so friendly. It's an amazing event that we will continue to attend annually! We love the costume contest!"

"I loved see/meeting/petting all those adorable pit bulls"

"I was in pitty heaven today working the Petsmart booth"

"Peia at the 2013 Steel City Pet Expo.... Getting ready for the talent show ( sadly she only got runner up but had fun!)"

"Thanks for hosting the event, and thanks to all the pups and the thundershirt mascot for hugs and kisses for our little boy!"

"Had a great time there to day got to see my 2 and 4 legged friends."

"Thank you for inviting New Lease on Life Rescue to participate in this wonderful event. Our dogs had a great time, and two dogs and one cat found their new homes!"

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