quotel It’s always fun seeing all of the dog visitors and the nice people we meet at the shows. quoter
Elaine West, Rooterville A Sanctuary

quotel The Tampa Bay Pet Expo is easily the best in the area. There are fun events for kids and pets, as well as great products for your pets that you can’t find in normal stores or supermarkets. This is a great place to find a forever friend and get him or her everything they need! quoter
Emily Grulon, Tail Trackers

quotel I have been working with Amazing Pet Expos in multiple cities for about three years. They always put on a great show for guests and vendors, especially in stage entertainment. They are AMAZING! quoter
Katie Newman, Amazing Treat Diet

quotel This was our first event and we had lots of traffic. We are very satisfied and will be back for 2016.quoter
Amanda Miller, Best Pets Bakery

quotel Great event, would highly recommend for our 30+ locations across the country! Helpful staff, happy consumers (pawsome dogs) and we spoke to a number of potential clients! Tampa Bay Pet Expo is Off Leash K9 Training approved! quoter
Mary Burns, Off Leash K9 Training, Tampa Bay

quotel  Thank you for all of your hard work. As a 501©3 Animal Sanctuary, help getting the word out is great.quoter
Deanna Green, Suncoast Primate Sanctuary

quotel We always love performance and would be happy to do it again! We had fun!quoter
Penny Noriega, Canine Funtimes

quotel  We had a blast!! Looking forward to next years!! Great vendors. Julius K-9 was my favorite. quoter
Kim Fairbrother via Facebook

quotel Networking with other professionals - I'm a groomer with Paw Wash Plus - Mobile Grooming.quoter
Sharon Miner via Facebook

quotel Lure chasing was the best!! quoter
Kristen Gomez via Facebook

quotel We were there. Great vendors. Shopped at Julius K9 and Christian Pets. Rocky got his shots and nails cut. quoter
Lori Reyes via Facebook

quotel Lure chasing... our dog didnt want to leave after doing it 3 times! quoter
Angela Cahill Crawford via Facebook

quotel We enjoyed ourselves! Just getting out with the dogs was fun. Our girls cheered on the lure chasers.quoter
Nakaela Rose via Facebook

quotel Loved all the rescues that where there, but the lure chasing was the best and meeting the General from Tanked! quoter
Cynthia Velez-Sustache via Facebook

quotel The Pit Bull Kiss Booth!quoter
Diane Suarex Dow via Facebook

quotel Loved looking at all the different breeds of dogs. Fuzzy buddies is a favorite of mine. Lots of dogs got adopted too so that was awesome. I had a great time.quoter
Betty Carter via Facebook

quotel  I loved being there and getting to meet so many dogs! I will be the official photographer next year as well and am looking forward to it!quoter
Lesley Davies, Lesley Davies Photography via Facebook

quotel First time I participated in this event and everyone was super nice! The volunteers were the most helpful. My area was nicely set up and clean. Very much enjoyed the many contacts and the pigeons were a big WOW! quoter
Pigeon Presentations

quotel Overall we enjoyed the event. We hope to attend next year! quoter
Alexis Huzzard

quotel Everybody was very friendly. The venue had lots of traffic and was very clean. quoter
GTE Financial

quotel We were able to reach out to many possible customers and increase our product awareness. quoter
Cherrycure for Pets

quotel Pet expos is a great experience for vendors and pet owners. The interaction with attendees is great and the expo staff is very accommodating. I look forward to future events. quoter
Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation

quotel Very well organized and pleasant staff. quoter
Greyhound Gang of FL

quotel Great! Busy! quoter
Tampa Bay Vet Emergency Svcs.

quotel Sales staff was very helpful. We had special needs to our event and they were more than responsive. They visited us throughout the day to see how things were going and too offer support. A+! quoter
Rover Done Over

quotel Good crowd. quoter
Alterna Scapes

quotel This is my first expo, and I already signed up for 2014. quoter
Pet RN

quotel Well organized, clean and friendly and helpful staff. quoter
Bull Terrier Rescue of SW Florida

quotel I was very impressed with the turnout and the leads I obtained. quoter
Black and Gold Premium Pet Food

quotel This was our first event, but we will most definitely be back. We were very pleased that the staff took such good care of us all. Potty cleanup was almost instantaneous. We had a wonderful time, and can’t wait until the next expo. quoter
All for the Animals

quotel Very good overall. quoter
Fuzzie Buddies Pet Resort

quotel Great turn out! We had an excellent show this year, thank you! quoter
Animal and Bird Hospitals of Tampa

quotel From start to finish, my first show experience has been amazing. The staff was friendly helpful and a true pleasure. quoter

quotel Great! Patti was the best. Very nice and very helpful. quoter
Global Pet Products

quotel Amazing! quoter
Dog Moms Rock

quotel We had a great experience. The pet expo is very organized. Great venue. quoter
Florida Shar-Pei Rescue

quotel Great show and lots of fun! quoter
Bri's Eye Photography

quotel One of the best expos I have done. quoter
Swheat Scoop

quotel The traffic was constantly high all day! Had a great time meeting the tail waggers of Tampa Bay! quoter
Eileen Proctor - America's Smoochiest Pooch/Top Dog

quotel Event was organized exceptionally well. quoter
The Pit Bull Crew Dog Rescue

quotel We enjoyed the show. It is well organized and draws a large crowd. quoter
Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

quotel Staff extremely, crowds wonderful. Fellow exhibitors are our kind of people. Well done! quoter
Sillydogcollars.com (Dog of Fame)

quotel Met a lot of very nice people, I believe it was a great opportunity to educate people about horse rescue. quoter
Hope Equine Rescue

quotel Great place to show off your stuff. We had a great time and the humans had fun too! quoter
Manatee County Adopt A Bull

quotel Great exposure. quoter
Husky Humane of Florida

quotel Great exposure with lots of interest! quoter
Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

quotel The was a great way to market our rescue and meet other rescues. quoter
Sunshine State - AMBA

quotel We had a great time! Lots of potential new customers. quoter
Bow Wow Boutique

quotel We are so impressed with the turnout, not to mention the number of pitbull lovers! Just as the South Florida show was, this was absolutely excellent for us. Thanks for the job well-done! quoter
PitbullShirt.com/Tommy Pop Art

quotel We had a lot of adoptions!!! quoter
Rugaz Rescue

quotel Lots of traffic & excellent staff. quoter
Crazy 4 Canines 4-H Club

quotel Loved that Shorty was as event to promote awareness. Also allowed to meet & greet other venders personally. Set ups for venders were nice & chairs could have been more comfortable, but overall a great experience & exposure! quoter
Camp Bow Wow Tampa Airport

quotel Office staff—Katie was fantastic. Very responsive, helpful, great upbeat personality. Went out her way to assist—get us in & accommodate! Way to go!! quoter
Free Child Safe Kit

quotel We at Green Arrow Nutrition valued the opp. to exhibit at the Tampa Bay Pet Expo. The event was well organized and the venue selected was excellent. We had opp. to connect with hundreds of pet owners and learn about what they are looking for in vitamin and supplement products. Thank you. quoter
Green Arrow Nutrition

quotel We had a great turnout & hope our information will benefit the visitors to our booth. quoter
Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation

quotel Was a great opportunity to showcase our practices, educate about pet care and grooming. Was very nice to see so many dedicated pet owners. quoter
Big Bend Animal Hospital and Animal Emergency Clinic of Brandon

quotel Good opportunity to get your pet products and retail items before a large, diverse crowd. quoter
SPCA Florida

quotel Great time; attendees had a great time. quoter
Dog Training Club of Tampa

quotel Amazing Pet Expos was a great way to gain exposure and make new relationships! quoter
Scan My Pet Pls!


"Penelope liked winning a toy!"

"Stella loved the lure chasing. After she ran it, she watched from outside like a meerkat!"

"We had lots of fun! Wish the Poodle Rescue came"

"All the meets and greets, the lure chasing was Awesome and Linda Blairs Presentation was informative and an eye opener!! We need more TRUE advocates like her!!"

"Nice mix of booths. Really nice to meet Linda Blair. The dogs and owners were well behaved."

"All the vendors were so generous!!!! Thanks guys."

"The Florida English Bulldog Rescue so awesome...."

"Great group of vendors... all were very friendly and helpful."

"Loved the lure coursing! Marvel took a little while to catch on to the idea, but after her turn, we stood outside the ring and watched and she tried to go thru the barrier to have another go at it! We'll be going to the Celebration of Pets next month so she can do it again!"

"Everything! It was so great to see the mixture of dogs and their owners. The Lure Coursing was great, Wisdom Panel and the super low price DNA tests, all the toys, treats and meeting Linda Blair as well. She is so nice!"

"The lure coursing was our favorite!!! There was a vendor there that had a bunch of handmade heavy duty leashes and collars, but I forgot to grab a business card. Do you have any idea where I can find that info? I looked at the exhibitor list and couldn't find anything obvious!"

"Everything was awesome - very well planned and organized. I was especially grateful for the incredibly low priced DNA testing - can't wait to get LuLu's results!!!"

""Love my custom doggie charicature of CC, getting DNA testing and all the goodies we got from the talent show, thanks all!"

"THE PIT BULL CREW DOG RESCUE ( THEPITBULLCREW.com) had a awesome time yesterday at the Pet Expo! It was great to be able to get on stage and discuss BSL with the public and help us spread the word on this very important subject. I thank you, the volunteers, other vendors, and all the supporters that came out yesterday to make it such a great day and awesome event! We are already counting down the days till next year :-)"

"Amazing day today at the Tampa Bay Pet Expo!!! Our family is growing. We welcome all of our new pet parents into our wonderful village. 8 pets found their forever homes today. Congratulations to Fidget, Peanut, Schatzie, Arlan, Zoe, Tootsie, Skittles, and Lardo!!!"

"we had an awesome day at the Pet Expo. thank you for having us from the Howells angels Wildlife Rescue. Http:// Howellswildliferescue.org"

"Dog Trainig Club of Tampa enjoyed our time there. Looking forward to next year!"

"I was there as a volunteer with St Francis Society Animal Rescue. This was my first expo and I just LOVED all the animal lovers there! I met wonderful people, and I know at least one of our fosters was adopted! Wonderful, fun day!!"

"Our rescue group adopted out 8 pets today!!!!! We are thrilled to have added 8 new families to our rescue family. Thank you for having us!"

"We are the ones that had the two Saint Bernards . They had a ball and received alot of love from everyone . Thanks for the expo see you next time it was a great outing with our kids."

"Awesome event yesterday!!! Thanks for having us!!!!! We will be back next year!!!! xoxoxo"

"My husband & our rescue babies, Ava & Iggy, enjoyed walking around the expo. This is our 2nd year going & we loved the event! See you next year!"

"The flying dogs were very fun to watch :D"

"we had a great time TY for all the goodies for my furry family"

"had a great time today at the expo"

"Definitely awesome getting to meet one of my heroes!! "

"This definitely was one of the best days of my life! "

"We loved watching all the dogs at the show today!"

"We had a GREAT time at the expo today! Thank you so much for coming to our area!"

"we had a wonderful time there. We look forward to it next year"

"We were there today, was a great event!!"

"I went for a short visit. Talked to some great people. It was great that it was free!"

"we had a great time !"

"Had a great time"

"It was a great show! Thanks vendors, volunteers and everyone else who made it possible. Seemed like it was a good turnout of folks and animals, and we heard about several new adoptions! My sister Darlene Hannan and I had fun!"

"Definitely a great time with Dianne Gladky. So many vendors and rescue groups! Good day!"

"I was real impressed at how well-behaved all the dogs were. Even our little monster was super good."

"I am glad to have got my dogs shots and nails trimmed."

"Loved seeing all the dogs and meeting the friendly people. Also got our girls their rabies shots"

"I love the variety of vendors! I didn't bring my dogs, but the kids loved the other dogs that were there. My son even asked to bring a few others home!"

"My dachshunds also appreciated all the well behaved humans and canines."

"We loved having our Husky try the agility course for the first time! And the free nail trim was great too! Looking forward to the next pet expo!"

"Fantastic show. Loved the Pet Talent Show & the dock dogs"

"Everyone was so nice including all the dogs! Great turn out for such great causes!!!"

"Our dogs had a blast and so did we. Suzi loved all the attention in her Chia-Pit costume!"

"My son LOVED the air dogs and all the jumps  it was hard getting him to leave lol"

"All the pitbulls that were there were amazing to see. Thank you for having a Pitbull friendly event. As a pit owner we do not always take our dogs out because people are so scared of them. It was a wonderful event for education and showcasing a wonderful breed!!! Thank You Again Pet Expo"

"We loved Schatzie (dog) the best, as he is the newest addition to our family from today's pet expo. We were not expecting to adopt today, but glad we did!"

"Thank you for allowing all animals and allowing us to participate.. Ezykial and I enjoyed our time today it was a blast"

"Such a GREAT time!! Thank you for having us!"

"We loved it! Awesome job guys/girls! Congrats!"

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