quotel We enjoyed our experience as both a sponsor and an exhibitor and thought Windy City helped us reach potential clients looking for our services. quoter
Chicago Pet Video

quotel We had 3 adoptions, one trial and gained a foster. Networking w/ vets & pet care vendors was a plus! quoter
All Breed Rescue & Adoption Inc

quotel Was well attended with knowledgeable customers. quoter
Lovin Tails

quotel Our pets had a great day out of the shelter! We met so many great people who didn’t know about us before. The best part was that 7 of our pets found their forever homes! Thanks again! quoter
Animal Welfare League

quotel Great crowd, helpers were great quoter
The Velvet Snoot

quotel As a vendor service was great and staff was easy to work with. All were nice and friendly. quoter
Happy Dog Bakery

quotel Good crowd—Met lots of people & several good contacts. My business always grows after a show. quoter
Sammy Doo Pet Diaper Wraps

quotel Always happy to meet the cause-conscious attendees at Amazing Pet Expo! Great community of people. quoter
Scentsy - No More Fires - Spiegel Burn Foundation

quotel Super venue, great location, wonderful people to work with, great response, thank you for inviting us. quoter
Lyons Township Dog Training Club

quotel We had a great time! This was our first expo and everything went very smoothly and we're pretty sure more people in the world know what a Thai Ridgeback dog looks like now :) Our adoptable girl Freya met a lot of wonderful people and Sunee and Mischief (two TRD sisters) had a great time meeting everyone! :) quoter
Thai Ridgeback Rescue Network

quotel We loved our location, a lot of nice customers. Loved this show and will be coming back next year! quoter
 Dogs N Scrubs

quotel Everything was very well planned. The vendors and entertainment were great! The space and location was very convenient. quoter
Paradise 4 Paws

quotel Overall was a very great show. quoter
Veterinary Specialty Center

quotel I highly recommend APE. quoter
Dogger Jogger

quotel We enjoy participating in this event and it has grown and gotten more press and attendees! The attendees seem to have better control over their dogs than the previous year. We noticed better security and safety for both people and animals. quoter
Lyons Township Dog Training Club

quotel Good crowd and consistent activity throughout the day.  quoter
Adoptabull English Bulldog Rescue

quotel We met a lot of nice helpful people. We are looking forward to coming back! quoter
 Dogs are Deserving Rescue

quotel Good atmosphere, majority of people were are of where their dog was – nice staff. quoter
Pawsitive Communication, Inc.

quotel Customer service was great! quoter
Tree House Humane Society

quotel People at the Pet Show appreciated that we were here. They know about bamboo floors and have a positive view on the product. quoter
Mr. Bamboo

quotel  We enjoyed the show and all the great customers that we met, we were able to help others overcome their fears. quoter
Windy City Reptiles

quotel  The expo staff was helpful and supportive! quoter
The Honest Kitchen

quotel Amazing Pet Expos has a great staff. The event has a great crowd and we are looking forward to next year! quoter
Autobarn Subaru of Countryside

quotel The venue was very clean and the staff was great. They dealt with our issues in a very timely manner and were very respectful. quoter
Pupster Apparel

quotel The show was good; good attendance; other vendors very complimentary. Events/activities were very good too! quoter
Chicago Veterinary Cancer & Rehab Center

quotel The staff was very generous and friendly. quoter
Piranha Banana

quotel Good venue and great location. quoter
Guardian Angel Baset Rescue

quotel Nice busy show. quoter
Plato Pet Treats

quotel Our first expo was great! Lots of good people and connections. Super organized and easy! quoter
Arbonne International

quotel This show was great exposure for our cause. Can’t wait for next year. quoter
Get Your Dawg On/1Pet1Vet

quotel Windy City Expo really allowed us to connect with your customers. We had a great time! quoter
Reggie Box

quotelOur 1st Pet Expo and it was more amazing than we originally thought!quoter
Maxx’s Munchery All Natural Pet Treats

quotelI’ve been positively surprised at the good attendance. Overall great customer service.  You are all great to work with. P.S. - Amy is awesome!quoter
Pure Ayre

quotelThe staff was great and the venue was very easy to lead in and out of.quoter
Pop Art Pets

quotelWe had a great time at the Windy City Pet Expo!  We met a lot of interesting vendors and saw a ton of amazing dogs and their owners!  Thank you for everything, we will def be back again!quoter
Indiana Dog Whisperer

quotelWell managed, clean, fun event.quoter
Whispers of Love, Inc.

quotelWe had a great experience. Overall good experience!quoter
Players for Pits

quotelAmazing Pet Expos sales staff and customer service - they were great. This was the 1st time we have been a vendor at this expo.  We had a great experience.  Great vendors to interact with and do business with. Anyone that is a vendor I am sure will have success.quoter

quotelAll-in-all it was goodquoter
Recoil Productions - Boom-A-Rang

quotelWe were so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this year’s Pet Expo!  Our store/brand received a lot of exposure, and guests were happy to learn about us.quoter
Fruitful Yield

Critter Stuff

quotelStaff @ event was nice/helpfulquoter
Cause For Paws Rescue

quotelPretty good experience, really helps us alot when we can pull in to load since we have so much stuffquoter
Peaceful Valley

Carole & Chips

quotelVery, clean, friendly, and helpful.  Great crowd.  Decent mix of all sorts of animals.quoter
Passante’s Home Food Services

quotelSignificant improvement over past years.  Nice Job!quoter
Adoptabull English Bulldog Rescue

quotelGreat crowd on Sunday!  Very nice turn out and sales!!quoter
Here’s the Scoop!!  Ice Cream, INC.

quotelWonderful audience and size!  We had fun!quoter
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament


"Can't wait til next year!"

"the show was awesome! will definitely come nextnye … Was the most amazing pet expo we've had in Chicagoland in a long time. Well run, education & demonstrations running concurrently with little "down" time. Again, great job to all of you"

"We had a great time! Thanks for this nice FREE event!"

"I was there with the wife and with one of our dogs. Like the show. Hope to see you next year."

"Had an amazing time!!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!!"

"I was really impressed. Especially with the care that was taken to ensure all dogs at the event had proper immunizations. Gave me more of a sense of security!"

"Great time!"

"The event was great fun, you all rocked it!"

"Looking forward to next year!"

"Best time ever! THANK YOU!! {{{{applause}}}}"


"Thank you! Had a wonderful time today!"

"it was my first time there and I loved being there!!!! cant wait til next year!!!!!!"

"had an awesome time...keep thinkin about Jimmy the kitty >"-"<"

"It was wonderful! We had so much fun!"

"it was sooo awesome!!! THANK YOU ALL involved!! see you next year!'

"Please come back again"

"Thank you for the good time today and also look forward to next year"

"our family and 2 pups had a great time. Can't wait till next year!! THANK-YOU for this experience."

"Save A Pet shouts out a HUGE thank you!!!! We had a great time and really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful dogs.Hope you come back to Chicago. Great time!!!!!"

"Our family and our pug Zippy had a great time today! We live in Villa Park so it was great that it was right in our own backyard. The Odeum is a great place! Thanks and see you next year!!"

"SO looking forward to seeing you next year 7/20/2013 Same time same place! Dont let me down!"

"Loved the Expo and all the great rescues. I'm already looking forward to next year!"

"What a fun day!!"

"My 5-month-old collie puppy had a great time meeting all kinds of new 4-legged friends! I think it's great that our pets are allowed to come!!"

"love the windy city expo saw shortie and his dog love them both"

"we had so much fun!!"

"We had a great time. Nice vendors, plenty treats, and useful information. Was nice to see so many boxers there. ? thank for the free event it was very much appreciated."

"Great show! Nice that it was free admission. Sure makes it easier for people. More money to spend on the vendors and donate which we did!"

"i was there it was so fun and coo"

"do you do the Expo every year????? If so I have to go next year I loved it."

"Thank you Windy City Pet Expo we had a Great Time and gave out over 50 Pet Scarves for FREE!!! 
And sold out of the I LOVE MY PET Scentsy Warmer!!"

"Had a great time meeting people and pets!"

"Buddy had a nice time at the show on Saturday. He enjoyed all the free treats given out and the tremendous amount of samples he received to take home and share with his doggie brothers and sister."

"Hello! I was part to of this wonderful pet expo & we at 'We Heart Your Pet' would like to THANK YOUR STAFF, they were so helpful and had such wonderful personalities! The whole event was well organized. Thanks again and we hope to see u next year!"

"it was AWESOME, thanks for bring it to the Chicago area."


"thank you so very much for the opportunity to work such an amazing event!! It was a pleasure and an absolute blast!! A huge thank you from kourture aka Kourtney Prendergast!!"

'THANK YOU SO MUCH! The Expo was wonderful!"

"Fido, Jaclyn & I had a great time!"

"We had such a great time today! My dogs went crazy when I came home with 3 huge bags of treats. I'm already looking forward to next year!"


"i was there super awesome next year i'm volunteering for this :)"

“We had a really great time and were able to raise decent funds for our cleft palate puppies.”

“This show was great! Awesome crowd of people. We loved how many dogs attended the show, great age range of people. The event was a great turn out! We will be back next year!”

“What a wonderful event. Very educational, everyone was polite and very educational. We look forward to coming next year!”

“Nice crowd. Plenty of room to accommodate everyone.”

“Great attendance this year. We had lots of inquiries.”

“I had a really great time.”

“It is always a pleasure and a good crowd.”

“All of the show staff was very attentive and knowledgeable. Somebody was available to answer questions at all times. The show was great.”

“Overall good show, good food, good venue and good people.”

“The staff at Amazing Pet Expos truly are amazing. They were super helpful and we plan on doing business with them for years to come.”

“Good mix of businesses throughout the show.”

“Very professional staff, great advertising and awesome booth set up.”

“Pet Expo reaches so many walks of pet owners. Staff was attentive and caring! Can’t wait to see this group in our city in the future!”

“I liked the agility and the pet talent portion.” 

“I brought my friends' 4 daughters with me. They really enjoyed seeing all the different kind of animals such as the horse, snakes, geckos, dogs, cats, but the one that impressed them the most was the prairie dog at the chinchilla rescue. How many kids can tell their friends they got to pet a prairie dog?”

“The Odeum was so congested. This was so much better! And my dog, Saphira, had such a good time!!” 

“The people at the Rescued Dog Resource Center booth were so nice and friendly. We also had a fun time visiting the Windy City Reptiles exhibit. My husband and I were also surprised to find that there are many shelters that we have never heard of. Thank you for bringing this event to the Chicagoland area. Can't wait ‘til next year!”

“Loved the new venue”

“I had a wonderful time. The costume contest was soooo cute! Great venue and parking.”

"The venue was awesome. We went upstairs to get some Starbucks coffee later. Loved the pet costume competition.” 

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